Django-Markdown v. 0.9.6

Django markdown is django application that allows use markdown wysiwyg in flatpages, admin forms and other forms. Documentaton available at readthedocs or github. Coverals Version License


  • django >= 2.0, <3.0
  • markdown >= 2.6.11


Django markdown should be installed using pip:

pip install django-markdown-app

Version compatibility

Starting with version, django-markdown-app requires Django 2.0 or later.

Django version django-markdown-app
2.0 - 2.2 0.9.6
1.8 or later
prior to 1.8



‘django_markdown’ require ‘django.contrib.staticfiles’ in INSTALLED_APPS

  • Add ‘django_markdown’ to INSTALLED_APPS

    INSTALLED_APPS += ( 'django_markdown', )
  • Add django_markdown urls to base urls

    path('markdown/', include( 'django_markdown.urls')),

Use django_markdown

  1. Models:

    from django_markdown.models import MarkdownField
    class MyModel(models.Model):
        content = MarkdownField()
  2. Custom forms:

    from django_markdown.fields import MarkdownFormField
    from django_markdown.widgets import MarkdownWidget
    class MyCustomForm(forms.Form):
        content = forms.CharField(widget=MarkdownWidget())
        content2 = MarkdownFormField()
  3. Custom admins:

    from django_markdown.admin import MarkdownModelAdmin, MarkdownModelAdmin)
  4. Admin Overrides: (If you don’t want to subclass package ModelAdmin’s)

    from django.contrib import admin
    class YourModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
        formfield_overrides = {MarkdownField: {'widget': AdminMarkdownWidget}}
  5. Flatpages:

    # in your project main urls
    from django_markdown import flatpages
    # Django admin
    urlpatterns += [ path(r'admin/',, ]
  6. Template tags:

    <textarea name="test" id="new"></textarea>
    {% markdown_editor "#new" %}
    {% markdown_media %}


MARKDOWN_EDITOR_SETTINGS - holds the extra parameters set to be passed to textarea.markItUp()

MARKDOWN_EDITOR_SKIN - skin option, default value is markitup



MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS - optional list of extensions passed to Markdown.

Officially supported extensions could be found at



MARKDOWN_EXTENSION_CONFIGS - configure extensions

MARKDOWN_PREVIEW_TEMPLATE - template for preview a markdown. By default django_markdown/preview.css

MARKDOWN_STYLE - path to preview styles. By default django_markdown/preview.css

MARKDOWN_SET_PATH - path to folder with sets. By default django_markdown/sets

MARKDOWN_SET_NAME - name for current set. By default markdown.

MARKDOWN_PROTECT_PREVIEW - protect preview url for staff only


Execute make run in sources directory. Open in your browser. For admin access use ‘root:root’ credentials.


Make sure you’ve read the changes document if you are upgrading from previous version.

Bug tracker

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or annoyances please report them to the issue tracker at


Development of django-markdown happens at github:

All changes should include tests, pass flake8 and pass build on the TravisCI